Activities in Thermo

Our complex can form the starting point for various activities in Thermo, such as mountain bikingrafting in River Evinoshiking in the forests of Thermo4×4 off-road trips and many excursions to the beautiful villages of our municipality.

We recommend

Rafting, Canoe-kayak, Rappel, Climbing, Archery in River Evinos, mountain biking, hiking-climbing on Mount Panaitoliko

Descending the river in an inflatable boat is a fun and enjoyable experience for those who are trying rafting for the first time, as well as for more experienced guests. The descent takes place in the section of River Evinos from the bridge of Poros to the base, in the Bania inn. The Bania inn operates a kanoe- kayaking piste, where races and championships are organised. You can also try rappelling at the iron bridge, archery and climbing.

Water ski and Wakeboard in the largest natural lake in Greece!

LAKE TRICHONIDA, 95.8 square km…. a lake like a sea!

In the summer, you can swim in the calm waters of the lake and enjoy coffee and food in the organised premises around it!

Hiking - Trekking in the Mokistiano cataracts!

Leave your car at Hagia Sophia (5 minutes from the hotel) and follow the sign to the cataracts on foot. Walk about 15 minutes downhill before entering the narrow path, where the adventure begins! All the way from the moment you enter the path, you will be one with nature! Dense vegetation, abundant waters, soil, uphills, downhills and finally a paradise on earth, when you see the Twin Falls and the river created at this point. About 1 hour and 15 minutes walking.

There is another access point to the Mokistiano cataracts, from the area of Myrtia, where you can leave your car at a closer point and walk less.

Hiking - Trekking in Theotiko

A miracle of nature, located in Fidakia, a tributary of River Evinos near Drymonas, from where it can be accessed, as the water of the river disappears underground to reappear further down, since the rocks form a natural bridge, on which there is rich vegetation. The popular belief that such a miracle of nature could only be explained as a creation of a higher power explains the name of this impressive natural formation.


natural bridge is formed at the narrowest point of the tributary Fidakia, connecting the region of Drymonas with that of Klopotas. The route we follow starts at Tourla. A rural road begins just behind this and ends after 3 km. Going down the western path, through terraces and holly, you will find yourself on the banks of the tributary Chalikiotiko. Following a northwards course you will meet it in front of you. The nature throughout the hike in the tributary Fidakia is lush. The spectacle when you encounter the rare natural bridge of Theotiko will amaze you! The route is classified as of medium difficulty and it would be advisable to bring spare shoes with you, as you may have to walk in the water in some points of the gorge.

Hiking at Artotiva Bridge

The Bridge of Artotiva is built at the narrowest point of the river Evinos, shortly before it meets its tributary Kotsalo, on the old trail that connects Kato Chrysovitsa with Achladokastro. It was probably built during the Venetian occupation (1407 – 1499), but its design displays characteristics of the bridges built in Epirus under the Ottoman rule. The bridge is made of stone with powerful lime mortar adhesives, is single-arched with a 22.35 m opening at mid-water level and its thickness at the highest point is about 1 m. The first two stone layers of the arch, from its foundation in the rock, consist of large cut slates, while small irregular stones are generally used for the rest of its construction. The road surface from the two ends of the bridge to the top is made with 0.80-1 m wide sloped slabs, while the topcoat is cobbled. On both sides, a handrail rises to a height of 0.60 m. The cobbled path continues on both sides of the bridge with a handrail that protects its side towards the river. It is the oldest bridge still extant in the prefecture of Aetoloakarnania. It has recently been repaired and is now classified as a listed historical monument.

Hiking at Kareli

Kareli, a suspension bridge on River Evinos, which replaced the “Kareli” in 1965, is of particular interest. Being near Thermo and lacking transport means to connect it to Nafpaktos, Stranoma was more dependent on the former. However, the big obstacle was the River Evinos, also known as Fidaris, which was only passable in the summer months. In the beginning and for many years, various hardmouthed locals would use a boat. When the boat once capsized, a suspension bridge was initially built, but proved very dangerous. Thus, after the war, the teacher Dimitris Charalambopoulos organised a fund-raiser to build the Kareli. This is a wooden box that is supported by four rollers on two thick wires, fixed to the large sycamore trees of the riverbanks. It was replaced in 1965 by a suspension bridge with 4 wires, 2 running parallel on each side. Boards are supported on the bottom wires, while walkers hold on to the top wires.

Today, the suspension bridge has been repaired and crossing it, although challenging, is safe. The landscaped area between the ancient sycamore trees beside Kareli is ideal for relaxation and an overnight stay, enjoying nature and swimming in the river in Vro, a kind of small lake in the river.

Hiking - trekking in Mount Panaitoliko

In less than an hour, you can arrive by car at the lodge of Panaitoliko, which is located above the village of Peristeri, in a position from which you can admire the entire lake Trichonida. Trails of varying difficulty start here and end at the top of the mountain.

Paragliding piste

The village Petrohori has a paragliding piste overlooking Lake Trichonida.

Today, the suspension bridge has been repaired and crossing it, although challenging, is safe. The landscaped area between the ancient sycamore trees beside Kareli is ideal for relaxation and an overnight stay, enjoying nature and swimming in the river in Vro, a kind of small lake in the river.